(66Y) 1200 Airport Circle, Diamondhead, Mississippi 39525, United States


A full service aircraft maintenance & avionics repair station


1967 Mooney M20F/201 serial #680033 N72MG



Three-blade Hartzell Prop                                                                                                

Engine overhauled in 2005                                                                            

430 SMOH                                                                                                                   

Plane Power Alternator                                                                                            

Skytec Starter 

201-style Engine Cowling and Baffling                                                        

Feb 2018 annual                                                                                                  



LASAR Speed Mod Kits:                                                                                                                                   

 Flap Gap Seals: No. 100                                                   

Aileron Lower Gap Seals and Flap Hinge Covers: No. 101              

Dorsal Fin Vertical Seal: No. 104                                                                    

Tail Root Horizontal Fairing: No. 105                                                     

Wing Tip Fairings with Nav Antennas: N0. 107A                                              

Wing Root Leading Edge Fairings: No. 108                                           

Inboard Flap Fillet Fairing: No. 111 

Rudder and Elevator Hings Covers: No. 112                                       

201-Style Windshield Retro Fit Kit: No. 119                                    

Oversize Bushing-Nose Gear Pivot: No. 122A                                  

Gas tanks resealed 2019                                                                                                               

Wingtip strobes                                                                                                    

High speed NAV and COM antennas

Paint - 8                                                                                                                             



Leather Interior 

 201-style Cabin Side Windows and pilot and door windows  

Rosen Pdf Aircraft Visors

 Sigtronic SPA400 Four-place Intercom
Shoulder Harnesses   



Avidyne IFD540 Touch Screen  GPS/COM  

KMA24 King Audio Panel
King KX155 Back-up NAV/COM with  Glideslope and separate OBS 

 Brittain Accu-Trak II Auto Pilot with Accu-Flight II Heading    

Narco AT50A Transponder     

Quartz Hobb Meter

 A301C Outside Air Temp Gauge  

JPI Fuel Scan 450 Fuel Flow  

JPI EDM700 Engine Data Management System   

Yoke-mounted Timer                

Johnson Bar Gear Retractor                                                                                                                                                                                        


Fresh annual, pitot static certification, and transitional flight training with purchase